What are the cell functions?

Transport processes

Biochemical particles such as ions and molecules need to travel trough the structures, e.g. tissues, of organisms to reach the locations where they are needed. Such structures are composed of cells. There are various transport mechanisms via which particles can travel trough (or via) cells.

For example, the functions of cell membranes include enabling transport of various substances via the selective permeability of the plasma membrane, by active transport and by exocytosis and endocytosis.





All cells perform chemical reactions, i.e. metabolic processes. In general the functions of these reactions can include:

  • making (synthesizing) biochemical macromolecules
  • degrading unwanted molecules
  • converting food/ energy sources into sugars
  • trapping or releasing energy


Motility is a spontaneous active movement that consumes energy. Different cells exhibit different types of motility. In general the term motility can refer to movement of some components of the cell or to the movement of the whole cell e.g. within a fluid. Prokaryotic cells move by rotating a rigid flagellum. Eukaryotic cells .e.g. animal cells move via the actions of flexible cilia or flagella.


Transmission of genetic material from one generation to the next occurs via cell division. A cell’s genetic material is duplicated within the cell before division so that each newly formed cell begins life with complete genetic information.

There are two types of division. They are mitosis and meiosis.

What is PEMF Exercise?

PEMF Exercise uses pulsed electromagnetic fields to bathe low energy cells in pure, raw energy. Each cell in your body is actually a capacitor, or battery, which holds a charge. Your entire body is electrical and your cells each need a measurable electrical charge to function optimally. In order to maintain good wellness, cells must be doing their jobs. PEMF Exercise supports the body’s natural abilities to optimize balanced body functions –the definition of wellness.

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Who benefits from PEMF Exercise?

All living beings receive voltage from earth’s magnetic field which maintains its charge via lightning strikes. Industrial living has reduced the contribution of this source, due to pavement, flooring and even shoes separating us from Mother Earth. Today these natural energies are no longer experienced by people in their pure form. With the establishment of mobile internet, bluetooth and data transmissions, exposure levels have reached an unexpected dimension and quality. 

Physical degeneration such as cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, arthritis, osteoporosis, chronic digestive issues, loss of motor skills and eyesight, can all contribute to diminishing the quality of life. Cognitive conditions such as stress, depression, memory loss, and diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, can also reduce the quality of life.
PEMF has a holistic effect on the body’s functions, because it operates at a cellular level. All the issues of aging are addressed by PEMF as cells are energized to perform at their optimal level, restoring a quality of life as they perform the specific tasks they are designed for.

Health and wellness should be one of the most important goals in our lives. Maintaining cell health and organ function will help us age healthily. As our cells are replaced through the natural aging process we want to ensure they are regenerated into a healthy environment.

Sports injuries are traumatic in nature and include bruises and wounds, strains and sprains, fractures, concussions and nerve damage. PEMF is fundamental in treating injuries symptoms and underlying pathology, relieving pain and helping an athlete heal and return to their sport.

PEMF therapy can be safely used to treat on a wide range of conditions and injuries in dogs, cats, horses and other animals.

How can PEMF therapy help post surgery?

Post ruptured cranial cruciate ligament surgery

Huck ruptured the cranial cruciate ligament on both legs a few months appart. He had surgery on his right leg first and a few months later he did tear his left ligament and he had the same surgery on the left side. He is overall a very healthy and active dog. In his case those injuries were classified as a sports injury.

I pulsed Huck every second day for about 6 months. The leg healed quickly and he was walking normal after about 2 months. After about 6 months, he was 100% back to his optimal fitness level. It took him a while to regain flexibility and to be able to sit “square”.

PEMF therapy has helped tremendously with speeding up his recovery time and reaching full ROM. I have been treating Huck with my Pulse Centers PEMF EQX system since then 2-3 times per week to prevent arthritis in those joints and as a recovery and conditioning treatment after our big hikes and running/ swimming. 


dog pemf therapy post surgery


Any person or animal, will show best results after full body PEMF exercise sessions. You can compare Cellular Exercise to going to the gym to exercise. You wouldn’t stretch only the right hamstring or train just the arms, you would want to be balanced, maintain a good posture and train the whole body for the disciple of your choice.

If there is an injury like in this example with the torn ligament in the legs, the whole body will need pulsing. The body uses compensation patterns to perform motions when strength and mobility are not sufficient. 

In the videos you can see that Huck did show soreness in his shoulders. This can happen from shifted weight bearing from the hind to front during rehabilitation, from exercise e.g. jumping or other issues the animal can’t show us. Only the low charged cells will visibly pulse and twitch. 

dog pemf therapy cellular exercise

neurogenic muscle atrophy pemf therapy

How can PEMF therapy help build muscle?

Neurogenic muscle atrophy after a riding accident

This mare sustained an injury over a jump and was diagnosed with neurogenic muscle atrophy. Her muscle degeneration on her right shoulder was quite extensive and she was unable to move proper and gain muscle. 

I started with full body sessions 3 times per week with additional focus on the right shoulder with a total of 6 sessions over two and a half weeks. The picture on the left was taken before PEMF therapy and the picture on the right was taken after 2 sessions full body PEMF sessions. Her body was nicely hydrated, muscle mass started to build and her soundness improved. Her muscles changed from flat and stiff to soft and spongy. In addition she was doing strict rehab work from the ground and later under saddle. 


How to increase performance with PEMF therapy?

Endurance relies on the motor cortex to repeat an action for an extended period of time. Each time you take a step, swim a stroke or lift a weight, your muscles consume energy. With Cellular Exercise, your training leads to improved ROM and increased performance results. Before a tournament/ competition you can warm up more efficiently without draining your energy needed in your discipline.

Worlds top sport horses get their best results after PEMF therapy.
PEMF therapy is now being used on horses and their riders in nearly every competitive equestrian discipline and is fast becoming the norm for
equine performance enhancement, health maintenance and healing.

Cellular Exercise is a drug free treatment and can be done right before the show or tournament. Some exceptions and rules will apply for FEI and race horses.

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How long will the benefits last?

Results are usually immediate and depending on the problem and severity more PEMF sessions are necessary. As the blood is oxygenated and circulation is increased, the cells will continue to improve function for up to 72 hours after a whole body treatment.

PEMF therapy doesn’t mask pain but rather will help the body heal and fix the issue. The improvement won’t “wear off”, it is either one session is enough or more sessions are needed for best results.

Most people and animals will need a few PEMF sessions and once fully recovered, only schedule sessions to maintain wellness as needed. 

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What should I expect after my first session?

PEMF can have a wide range of biologic effects. An individual’s diet, lifestyle, your level of activity, hydration, general health, stress levels and the quality of your nutrition all contribute to how it will work and how you feel after your sessions. PEMF Exercise can help you feel energized, and this feeling can build for a few hours after a session. Take note of how long this feeling lasts; it tells your doctor or PEMF therapist how many sessions you’ll need to achieve your goals.

If you feel tired after a session, this may be due to a detox reaction. Your body wants to clean house and is getting rid of toxins. Resting and drinking plenty of fluids may support this detox reaction. Patients should talk to their doctor or PEMF therapist if this situation occurs.

Animals will want to drink more water too as they experience the same detox symptoms. Please provide access to water after the pulse sessions.


What do I remove before a session?

Make sure you check your pockets and remove jewelry, watches, cell phones, credit cards and car key fobs. Place them about a foot away from the system. Also, people with electrical implants (pacemakers, cochlear implants) can’t use a PEMF device.

What is recommended prior to a session?

Drink more water than usual, natural unprocessed spring water is recommended. Natural spring water will be alkaline and contain minerals. 

The raw materials of good nutrition, physical exercise, supplementation and hydration can improve the benefits of a PEMF Exercise program.

For horse owners: Please be advised to keep your horse free of toxic grooming products, perfumes, fly spray and liniment. PEMF therapy increases cell membrane permeability, DMSO can be used as it is meant to be absorbed in deep tissues. Dry leg poultice can be left on as well as wound bandages.

Magnet field therapy PEMF

Can you feel PEMF therapy?

Give yourself or your horse a spa day

The magnetic field strength can be adjusted to the individuals tolerance and for a specific treatment protocol. Acupuncture points are stimulated and a relaxing massage/ pulse like sensation is felt in the body.







PULSE Centers PEMF vs. Magnetic Blankets and Boots

While the therapy is similar, the difference is in the delivery method and the ability to focus the right level of power to the specific area that needs it. While the blankets provide a low, uniform level of power, it may not be adequate for deeper injuries or in denser parts of the body. The power of PEMF is measured in gauss, like distance is measured in feet. The cells need at least 25 gauss in order to effect cellular repair, while it is believed that 50 to 85 gauss is considered an optimal level. As the magnetic field travels away from the blanket or treatment loop, through denser tissue such as bone, the power diminishes. So it is important to be able to deliver the right level of power to the damaged areas. So the main areas of difference are as follows:


PULSE Centers PEMF Systems give the ability to detect where a horse is sore and treat that specific area.


PULSE Centers PEMF systems are easily adjustable, high-powered devices. This ability to adjust the intensity provides the optimal level of power needed to a specific area and receive immediate results.



PULSE Centers PEMF systems can provide the optimal level of power to a very specific point ANYWHERE on a horse. This is particularly useful when treating areas like; the poll and jaw, the psoas muscles, hamstrings, stifle, necks, legs, abscess in hoofs and specific acupressure points for a wide variety of issues such as colic and calming points.



PULSE Centers PEMF vs. Shockwave

The following are the main points of differentiation:


PEMF has the ability to detect where a horse is sore or injured. Shockwave has no ability to detect soreness.                              




PEMF does not require sedation and has no potential to damage cells. Shockwave usually requires sedation. Because of the damaging potential and required sedation, the treatment must be performed by a veterinarian.


PEMF can be used anywhere on the whole body. Shockwave can only be done on a very specific point on certain areas of the body.




PEMF has a wide focal and electromagnetic field area. Shockwave has a small focal area of a couple of inches wide at the skin that goes down to a point at it’s deepest penetration.





PEMF is Non-invasive, gentle and painless. NO sedation is required, while horses quickly relax and enjoy the treatment.
Shockwave is invasive and painful as it creates energy by concussion and sound waves.                                                                


The PULSE Centers magnetic field can travel up to 16 inches into the body. Shockwave has a maximum penetration of about 4 inches.



PEMF does not “mask pain”. Shockwave can increase healing but it has a side effect that can prove useful for those looking to skip the healing process: Shockwave treatments can act as on-site analgesia in the area where energy waves are targeted. Scientists don’t know for certain how long that pain relief lasts, but it’s generally thought to be about 48 to 72 hours. That may make the therapy an attractive band-aid for cheaters. Dr. Mary Scollay, equine medical director of the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission, estimates that the analgesia is strong enough to successfully mask certain types of fractures in the cannon bones for the first two to three days after treatment. RMTC guidelines suggest trainers be required to report the use of shockwave on a horse to racing officials, who should put the horse on the veterinarian’s list for ten days after treatment. There is no need to report use of PEMF. Exceptions will apply to some race tracks and FEI classes where the current waiting period is one day after a PEMF session.

PULSE Centers PEMF vs. Laser Treatments

While both the laser and PULSE Centers PEMF deliver increased energy to areas of need, the following are the main points of differentiation:


PEMF has the ability to detect where a horse is sore or injured because only the sore areas will twitch or pulse. Laser has no ability to detect soreness, just treatment of a specific point.                             


PEMF has a wide focal area and the wave area does not diminish as it penetrates the body. Laser has a very small focal area of less than in inch.                                                                



PEMF can travel up to 16 inches into the body. Laser has a limited penetration of less than 2 inches, unless the power is increased, which increases the potential to damage the cells at the surface.


PEMF can be used on the whole body and takes 30 to 90 minutes for a full body treatment. Since Laser has such a small focal point, it takes a long time to treat a larger area making full body treatments not likely.

LifePulse (PULSE Centers) PEMF Certified Practitioners 

What is special about a LifePULSE Certified PEMF Practitioner? EVERYTHING! 

LifePULSE Certified Practitioners are on the leading edge of PEMF Therapy. 
No one else offers our revolutionary treatment techniques and advanced PEMF technology. 
No one else compares.
LifePULSE Certified Equine PEMF Practitioners are all certified to PULSE Horses, People and Pets. 
LifePULSE Certified PEMF Practitioners use the most advanced PEMF Technology, receive the most comprehensive PEMF Education available… the same education offered to the more than 1,500+ MD’s and medical professionals using the PULSE Centers systems around the world.
LifePULSE Certified PEMF Practitioners are taught and supported by PEMF product specialists to perform a unique, systematic treatment protocol that gets consistent results. Most have attended Hands On Training Intensives and/or received personal one on one instruction. 
LifePULSE Certified PEMF Practitioners get the training, continuing education and never-ending support needed to be skilled in the business, science and the art of PEMF healing therapy.


lifepulse pemf therapy


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LifePulse PEMF (Pulse Centers) vs. Magna Wave

The difference between the Magna Wave and the PULSE Centers PEMF systems is a lot like the difference between old flip phones and smart phones of today… Magna Wave is 15-year-old technology that is more expensive, while the PULSE Centers systems are more affordable, have more advanced product options and accessories for horses and people!

While many people believe Magna Wave is the manufacturer, it is really a small distributor for the manufacturer, PEMF Systems. PEMF Systems distributes its products with different labels such as; PEMF 120, Equipoise and other names. While they are really the same product, the pricing, training and product support vary based on the distributor.

PULSE Centers PEMF Systems are manufactured and serviced by Pulse Centers in Cartersville Georgia and have a full staff of over 25 people including product specialists, customer service representatives and direct sales representatives. PULSE Centers offers its Equine Systems through an exclusive, direct sales relationship with LifePULSE.

LifePULSE provides over 40 years of Equine related experience as well as experience treating thousands of horses and people at some of the most prestigious horse shows around the country. In addition to real equestrian experience, LifePULSE offers unlimited phone support, direct personal training with one on one sessions or through its 3 day Jump Start Training sessions around the country and Canada.

LifePULSE also offers additional Equine training, product and marketing support from its Tryon NC headquarters and PULSE Centers Training Centre in Atlanta Georgia

While both Magna Wave and PULSE Centers offer training and Certification, PULSE Centers is included in the price of its systems and provides extensive ongoing advanced training at no additional charge. Magna Wave charges extra for training per person and has very limited post-sales support.

The Technology

The Magna Wave Maxx has been on the market for over a decade and has not changed. It is made in California by PEMF Systems and comes in a green plastic Pelican case on wheels. There is a 10-minute timer and the intensity and frequency share the same control knob so that the frequency slows as the intensity is increased.

After the 10 minute treatment timer expires, the unit is designed to cool until the fan turns off. All components are engineered to accommodate this cooling period, although most do not complete the cooling.

The Magna Wave accessories are limited to two coils. One is a large loop and the second is a smaller “butterfly” loop. This loop is the larger loop that has been figure 8 and taped in the middle.

The Butterfly configuration creates a hot spot of concentration where the loops have been taped together and the power diminishes as it goes out to the end of the loop, thus producing an uneven treatment area.

Another major difference are the plugs. The PULSE Centers plug is heavy duty and inserts directly into the slot on the PULSE Centers machine.

The Magna Wave plug has a small metal clip that must be held back to insert or remove. The small notches on the sides of the plug need to be lined up with the notches in the outlet on the machine. Once the plug is inserted, it must be turned a quarter turn to become seated in the outlet. This process is difficult when it is new and as dust and wear and tear take place, removing this plug becomes problematic.

PULSE Centers EQX with the Large Double loop vs. the small single loop of the Magna Wave, has a much larger treatment area and the the PULSE Centers machine is much smaller compared to Magna Wave.

Since 2007, PULSE Centers has invested more money in research, development, design and manufacturing than any other PEMF company in the world. As industry leaders, PULSE Centers has brought more “Firsts” to PEMF Technology than anyone else and are summarised below:

PULSE Centers is the only company to offer a PEMF System that allows you to use two separate accessories at the same time – saves time and provides an unmatched level of treatment with its X1 and XL Pro model. Magna Wave’s machine only powers one accessory at a time

Pulse Centers is the only PEMF System that has accessories that combine the complementary use of 2 separate magnetic fields in a single accessory, that gives you the ability to completely surround an affected treatment area.

PULSE Centers is the only PEMF System that has separated out control of the Frequency from the Intensity of a high intensity pulsing magnetic field with its XL PRO model. This is a game changer, giving you the ability to not only target a specific treatment area, but also a specific type of cell. Magna Wave does not have this technology.

PULSE Centers has the only PEMF System to have digitally controlled output with its XL PRO, so you can have the greatest control and adjustability of any system on the market… from low intensity to high intensity, with the same system. Magna Wave does not have this technology.

PULSE Centers is the first to offer the unique and innovative PULSE Centers PEMF rocking chair and footstool, and a full body mat with message table. Made with medical grade materials, the PULSE Centers rocking chair and full body mat provide an unequaled full body treatment. Magna Wave does not have this technology.

PULSE Centers “Newest First” is the introduction of the light weight, high intensity, truly portable EQ-X. Weighing half the weight of a Magna Wave but with more than twice the Power of Magna Wave’s most powerful system, at a price of just $14,600 versus $21,000 for a Magna Wave.

The Training

For no additional cost, PULSE Centers offers unlimited, personalised product support from experienced Product Specialists. Hands-on training is available to you and your staff at the PULSE Centers Training Center in Atlanta, GA, and the Equine Training Center in Tryon NC as well as, unlimited access to training via phone, email and/or Skype.

Additional support is available with online video training and resources that include a PULSE Certification program for human and equine.

There is also advanced training seminars and teleconferences that will keep you up to date with the latest research findings, product applications and patient success stories. Throughout the training, PULSE Centers staff provides the highest level of experienced, knowledgeable, and passionate support.

Magna Wave offers a web based training that includes videos and written instruction. Additional costs are charged for personal training and for additional people being trained. The training is limited to Pat, who has no horse or therapy experience and limited availability.

The Treatment Protocols

The Magna Wave “Certification” program features a random treatment protocol, that produces random results. If you watch the Magna Wave training videos, you will see Pat moving the small coils all over the body of a horse in a random way and staying on muscle groups for a very random amount of time. This random protocol is often referred to as “waving the magic wand” and produces random results.

The LifePULSE Protocol has developed a systematic pattern that focuses on the 11-major muscle groups a horse uses when working. By personally treating thousands of horses, LifePULSE has revolutionised the treatment experience by determining the optimum time PEMF needs to administer to get the optimal results. This easy to learn protocol, combined with the double loops surrounding the cells in a magnetic field, work to produce superior results on a consistent basis.